Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Press Release for "A Painter's Journey"

This travelling exhibition represents my journey in art, from realistic representation through to semi-abstraction. The many trips to Rottnest, Broome, South West, Esperance and Bali have provided me with endless inspiration and subject matter. I can therefore choose which way I can best communicate my vision.
When I want to show detail, gouache enables me to paint a story. These are small panoramic and very affordable gems as they show the subject as it really is.
 Using pastel with a textured prepared surface, creates a natural, earthy mood which brings the viewer into the picture- I love to see the result in response to the experience I enjoyed when sitting in the sand, perched up high in the dunes overlooking a turquoise bay.
 Exploring abstract expression has allowed me to simplify and concentrate on key elements i.e. using more dynamic brushmarks and passages of colour to convey my feelings of a subject.” Rottnest Panorama”, a 2x 90 diptych is recognizable yet a delightful play with texture and paint effects for impact.
By working in acrylic, I can apply paint layer over layer loosely, in any way I wish. This encourages free expression and has made it easier to respond to unexpected ideas that occur whilst working. I have come to appreciate the creativity, beauty, unpredictability and also excitement of abstract painting.
 As an artist, I am continually challenging myself to come up with interesting ways of expressing the subjects I enjoy painting. Each artwork requires a thought process from design elements to colour palette and the mood or emotional response I am sending out to the viewer.
I believe that abstract and representational art should be able to draw from each other, rather than be mutually exclusive. In this travelling exhibition, there is overlap of colour palettes, emotion and subject matter across the style of painting which brings harmony, a sense of place and appreciation for an artist on that never ending journey.
An artist will never retire! That is the passion!
The show begins its journey at Wills Domain Winery, Yallingup, cnr of Brash and Abbey Farm Rd for the month of October. Then can be viewed at the Tresillian centre,Tyrell st. Nedlands for one weekend only commencing  25th November. The final leg of the journey is at the Cannery Art Centre, Norseman Rd, Esperance from 16th-30 Jan. All works are for sale.

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